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There are three variables used to determine your price:



quater size dent starting price $75

anything bigger of course will also be determined by the other variables.
anything smaller can be negotiated, considering other variables.





Depending on where the dent is will determine price.

Ex.1 If dent is on the roof of your vehicle. We have to charge extra to take the 
headliner off; if necessary.

Ex.2 If dent is just above the tire, and are not able to fix it with the tire in place again we may have to charge more for the time and labor to take off the tire and put it back on.

Ex.3 If dent is on the trunk or hood same applies as in example Ex.1 because they both have liners.




If you have any questions please feel free to email us at dentblasters@yahoo.com and we will be with you within 24hrs.


the condition or quality of being deep.

Including both length and width of dent.


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